A Roundup of Fall and Holiday Cupcakes (redux)

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Note to the reader, this is a reprint from a post I did a few years ago, but Henry and I were looking online today for Halloween cupcakes, and realized that the best ones were right here! Enjoy. Well, it happened. Someone found me by Googling hedgehog cupcakes. Which reminds me that was in a […]



Henry, first day this fall at his familiar nursery school. He loves it, but he’s never one to embrace change, especially A) in the morning and B) if it means leaving his Legos and Playmobil. Here he’s saying he’d really rather go inside and take a nap. Because he’s really tired.  And that his belly […]

The big yellow school bus!


I love the one where he rolls his eyes. Of course I would commemorate this with a sign! So it came, and, well, he got on! A little anxious at the bus stop. Off he goes! He paused for a minute while the rest of the kids got on, then after I encouraged him and […]

Cape Cod Cuties

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More Shay and Matt coming, I promise! But as a brief intermission, we hit the beach(es) of Cape Cod last month with a quick visit with Maria, Tommy and Grace, and later on with Suey, Lulu and family. Grace turned seven months when we were there, and Tommy got his first silly bands, so it […]

Oh, hi. You’re still here?


Well. I cringed a little when I looked at the date on my last post, APRIL 28. I have never taken such a long, extended break from my beloved blog, but I ended up having a really full life in May and June of all good things, and I just didn’t take the time to […]

Super boys


Kids around here (like Will and his visiting friend) can jump pretty high…. higher than a HOUSE, even. This kept them occupied FOREVER!  They just love the instant gratification of digital cameras. They kept checking their progress to see how high they could fly. Then they enjoyed the soft green grass, you know, when you […]