In Reruns: Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Bark!


A flurry of messages on Facebook last night about Christmas cookies left me thinking, wow, time to make something for that cookie party on Friday night and time to make peppermint bark for the nursery school teachers and….well, here we are. Start your ovens! From Dec. 14, 2007…. I just peeked at my stats, assuming […]

A Roundup of Fall and Holiday Cupcakes (redux)

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Note to the reader, this is a reprint from a post I did a few years ago, but Henry and I were looking online today for Halloween cupcakes, and realized that the best ones were right here! Enjoy. Well, it happened. Someone found me by Googling hedgehog cupcakes. Which reminds me that was in a […]

Happy New Year!


This year finally seemed to slow down around December 30, and we’ve been enjoying lots of (rare!) snow, hot cocoa, fires, home projects (also rare this year!), more fires, visitors and, of course, good food. Our New Year’s Eve was all the brighter with my college roommate in town, a culinary professional who brought with […]

Food Friday: Wild Blueberry Muffins


A few photos of what I’ve been doing instead of blogging of late: H, W and I voyaged to Maine in the company of two of our favorite people, Maria and her little boy, Tommy. Here we are, off to swim in the lake. We visited big boy Jack. And Lydia, who I’ve been photographing […]

Raspberry season


Well, I will go out on a very long limb and say that I think summer might finally have arrived in New England. It’s been a long time coming, so naturally, we’ve been soaking it all in, since you never know when it might leave. (Or when you might have HAIL or FLOODS or some […]

Thinking you can’t possibly be three


Uh, wrote most of this on his birthday last week, but now he is three and one week, just for those of you keeping track. Dear Henry, Today you are three, and all day long I was shocked when I saw you. Tall, lanky and so darn THREE, and I just have no idea how […]

Strawberries and turning three


I guess Henry must have taken a nap last year on his birthday for me to have written all this and posted it on his birthday. Will picked every one of these himself, stopping to ask, “Is this a good one?” after EACH ONE. Today, I’m fielding requests of “Can I have another strawberry?” (Can […]

Food Friday: May Day Muffins


It’s a damp and cool May Day here, but that didn’t stop a herd of nursery schoolers in our town from delivering blooming baskets to unsuspecting neighbors all over town. But before they delivered their wares, they fueled up with these May Day Muffins (it was our day to bring snack). Apricots and butter, yum. […]