The Hank & Willie Annual Holiday Photo Fix


Photo and original card design courtesy of Card available at Cute dog not available, sadly. Sigh. I take THOUSANDS of photos a year. Beautiful babies and blushing brides.  Captivating kids and their patient parents and pretty pets. Did I say THOUSANDS? You’d think I could get ONE  keeper of my own offspring, but […]

Photo fix: holiday card edition


So I sure had a lot of fun with these images from H & W readers, and I hope what I did makes their photos just a little bit better. I’ve been mostly editing photos in Lightroom this fall, so it was fun to get back into Photoshop and work on an image individually! Reader […]

The ones we’re NOT using in the Christmas card


Photo day for Hank & Willie, and a friend. Weather was below freezing and children were miserable. Note chocolate-bar-as-bribe in my hand, bottom left. Note also that it is not having desired effect. So folks, it’s December. I have no idea how that happened, but here’s another bulletin—Christmas is THREE WEEKS from tomorrow. Never mind […]