A new computer and a new baby (but only one is mine)


So my tired but trusty five-year-old iMac, bought just months before the arrival of my now almost five-year-old boy is about to be relegated to general family use, which, if you ask the almost five-year-old would include looking at pictures of toothy sharks and growling panthers online (nationalgeographic.com) or watching race cars, scuba divers, excavators […]

Cuppa joe


So yesterday I bid a teary farewell to my beloved Keurig coffee brewer. After just three years of loyal service, it gasped, spat and died in my arms. I called Keurig’s service team, who assured me they could do nothing about it, then kept asking what they could do for me in unbearably perky tones. […]

Hank & Willie Year in Review 2008. Finally.


GOOD GOD, IT’S FINALLY POSTED! Huge thanks to my crack team of troubleshooters. Dear Record Industry, I do not want to rip off your hard-working creative artists. Not even a little. However, let me give you a little tip. If you allowed us to use your songs or, heck, even charged us a fair-use fee […]

i heart eCommerce, part 2


Okay, I think Amazon just made it up to me. I have discovered the amazing Universal Wish List tool, wherin you drag a little button to your bookmarks toolbar, gather all the web goodness OUT THERE, on any site, and bring it back to your handy amazon.com wish list. I am finding it very useful […]

Because I had nothing else to do


My husband and I discovered hulu.com tonight, and this is one of those moments we’ll look back and laugh about someday when watching TV on your computer is commonplace, like next week. “Honey! Come quick! I’m watching this here teevee on the computer–see, you press the button, like dat and you watch a teevee show!” […]

Food Friday: Candlewax?


Between Henry’s molars (I get it! You are erupting! Thank you!) work, out-of-state travel, early sunrises and a few other things, I’ve been burning the candle on both ends so badly this week that I think they just met in the middle. Which is another way of saying I have nothing much for you today. […]

“We put the B in blogging”


Katherine at MommaMov sent me this today: Kodak hires its first chief blogger Eastman Kodak Co. has appointed Jennifer Cisney its first chief blogger. She oversees the company’s two blogs and is charged with serving as its eyes and ears online. Eastman Kodak Co., which has an e-commerce web site that sells printers, cameras and […]

Somehow, I thought I would have one before him


Henry is a chatter. You would think both his parents are brokers (NOT) the way he naturally picks up any phone-shaped object, slaps it to his ear and shouts, like he’s at the bottom of a well, “Hellllllloooooooo!” He walks around talking animatedly, rapid-fire, on his toy phone, pausing only long enough to switch ears, […]

Baby’s Got Back (up)


I knew I should have backed up all those photos! You all sure know how to come through on the organizational advice. If this wasn’t my own blog I would bookmark it just based on all the good stuff you came up with for organizing my life and my photos. Now if someone would just […]