Becca + Nathaniel: Married at the Inn at Mystic


These two NYC-dwellers clicked over a mutual appreciation for Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) and decided to meet up for drinks in December 2013. Nathaniel got sick so that turned into hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows at City Bakery in NYC…but lo and behold there were no marshmallows that day. Not to worry–they’ve returned many […]

Matt + Bridget: A Nature/Movie Premier Wedding at Halcyon Hills Farm

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I can now check off  “beautifully-executed-woodland-nature-filled-movie-premier-themed-wedding” off my life list, thanks to you, Matt and Bridget! Your wedding, deep in the woods at Halcyon Hills Farm was amazing! Our beautiful bride, and her bouquet of greens. This little four-legged love nearly stole the stage at the wedding, but you can’t blame her for being so […]

Julie + Tim: married in Massachusetts

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After the winter we had in New England, it seemed like warm weather (and wedding weather!) might never come. Julie and I talked about photo locations for their Massachusetts wedding, and wondered if the leaves would be out–and they were! Julie  and Tim were married on what felt like the grand arrival of spring in […]

Happy birthday, Will!


Will, July 2004 Will, September 2005 Will, December 2005  (Photo by Steven Taylor) Will, June 2006 Will, July 2006 Will, November 2006 Will, July 2007 Will, May 2008 Will, March 2009 Will, September 2009 Will (and Elias), April 2010 Will, July 2011 (Long Pond) Somehow my first born baby boy has turned into a seven-year-old […]

Two is the magic number!

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My darling nephew Andrew and niece Bella are TWO today, I can hardly believe it. Here’s a look at their first days, born weeks and weeks too early, and now look at them! Happy two, babies! And congrats to mom and dad, no small accomplishment! We love you, little ones, and can’t wait to see […]

Lego Love


In case I EVER forget what it is like to have two Lego-loving boys in the house. You know, in 1,000 years when the last one is finally picked up and not embedded in the bottom of my feet. Remind me about this photo and how this is just a scene from everyday life.

Did you notice?


The sun here on the coast of CT set at 4:24 p.m. today. But yesterday it set at 4:23 p.m. Things are looking up, folks. I loved this poem last year, and I’ll post it here again this year, because there is nothing as joyful as knowing we have already passed the darkest day of […]

How to charm me

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Henry, the King of Non-sequitors,  just came downstairs, twenty minutes past bedtime, to ask the following: “Dad, what is it like when you are dead?” “Do you come back from being dead?” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I will put my kid up against ANYONE else’s kid for the world title […]

Not possible


Will, age 13 months, August 2005 Seems like a big yellow school bus is coming down our street tomorrow morning with plans to pick up this little fella for the first time ever. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I say not possible. And pass the tissues. For those of you that know him, look how clean and new […]

Thinking you can’t possibly be three


Uh, wrote most of this on his birthday last week, but now he is three and one week, just for those of you keeping track. Dear Henry, Today you are three, and all day long I was shocked when I saw you. Tall, lanky and so darn THREE, and I just have no idea how […]