Becca + Melissa: Married at Red Maple Vineyard

So, how many people do you know with this quote on their Facebook profile? “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.” —Almost Famous

Melissa and Becca Wedding Slideshow

After college, Becca and Melissa met as part of a post-college Jewish social justice fellowship in Brooklyn, and after about four months, they realized they were on to something pretty terrific together. When they were still in the getting-to-know you phase, a peek at each others’ profiles revealed that yes, they had featured the SAME movie quote.

But I can completely see how they fell for each other, they’re simply wonderful. I mean, hear how they described themselves to me before we met. Could not be sweeter:

Melissa – I like cooking, cleaning (especially vacuuming), going to the gym, spending time with my Mom, going to bed at 10 PM, finding cheap/free and cool events to go to, reading, playing jacks (when I can find someone to play with me), and watching mostly bad TV.

Becca – I like baking, playing guitar and piano while singing at the top of my lungs, playing all sports and going to the gym (but especially soccer and basketball), reading, watching TV (good, non-reality TV), and hanging out with friends.

After their social justice fellowship, they moved on to law school and social work school and now to careers in their chosen profession. They have made a home and a life together in their beloved Brooklyn, and now we get to celebrate their marriage on a beautiful September day at Red Maple Vineyard! Enjoy!


When I say this day was nothing but blue skies, it sounds like a wedding platitude. But all week Hurricane Hermine had threatened to drop a tropical downpour in the Hudson Valley, and we conferred about umbrellas, and boots and rain plans. THEN. Wedding day dawned, and we TRULY never saw a cloud in the sky the entire day. It was amazing.redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_002 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_003 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_004redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_006 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_005 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_007 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_008 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_009 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_010 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_011 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_012 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_013 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_014 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_015 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_016 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_017 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_018 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_019 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_020 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_021 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_022 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_023 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_024 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_025 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_026 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_027 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_028 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_029 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_030 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_031 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_032 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_033 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_034 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_035 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_036 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_037 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_038 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_039 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_040 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_041 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_042 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_043 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_044 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_045 redmaplevineyard_wedding_annasawinphotography_046

Happy love, you two.

love, Anna

The Skinny

Ceremony & reception venue: Red Maple Vineyard, West Park, NY

Coordinator: Jeanne Stark, Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Videographer: Buzz Media Company

Floral: Floral Fantasies by Sara

Band: 45 Riots

Caterer: Corner Stone Caterers

Hair/Makeup: Jeffrey Indyke and team

Dresses (both brides): Rembo Styling

Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.


  1. robyn phiebig on September 22, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Gorgeous photos!! Love them!

  2. Floral Fantasies by Sara on October 31, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Love these photos!
    So Stunning !

    -Jessica Mino
    Floral Fantasies by Sara

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.