Bernadette + Dave: An August Wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Woof! While Bernadette and Dave’s August wedding at Saltwater Farm was lovely and classic, with so many elegant details, my favorite part was their flower girl and ring bearer, Callie and Tucker. When I have dog lovers as clients, I’m always hoping they will have them in the wedding, so imagine my delight when they REALLY DID! And it went so beautifully, due in large part to their careful planning!

These two are a perfect match. They joke about how alike they are, and when they went down the list for me, it was astounding. And hearing how they adore each other is heartwarming. “I love Dave’s smile,” Bernadette says. “When he comes home everyday, he is all smiles and he has a special twinkle in his eye. I love his laugh too. When Dave belly laughs, it’s contagious and I find myself laughing along with him.”

For Dave, it’s about the laughter as well. “I love how she makes me laugh,” he says. After a stressful day, I know that I can come home and Bernadette will tell me a funny story and it relaxes me.”

These two love to travel! Dave proposed in Aruba on the beach at sunset. Together they’ve also been to California, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Nashville, TN, and Florida. Their farthest journey was to the Maldives on their honeymoon, just after the wedding.


August 13 might have been the hottest day on the face of the planet, but easy to stay calm, cool and gorgeous when you are at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. This is the venue you want for any weather–sun, rain, heat and cold!saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_002 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_003

Callie’s pearls, and Tucker’s bow tie!saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_004 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_005 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_006 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_007 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_008 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_009

Love the looks they give each other!

saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_010 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_011 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_012 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_013

Gorgeous lights by Ryan Designs—lighting makes an enormous difference at Saltwater Farm, and I always recommend it!saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_014
saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_017saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_018 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_019saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_020 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_021saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_015 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_016 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_022

Gourmet Galley presented a gorgeous outdoor cocktail hour on the patio before everyone went inside for dinner. saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_023

Their signature cocktail—with lemon and lavender!


This special bottle of wine was from Dave’s late father’s collection.saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_025 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_026

The dip was sensational, you two!saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_027

Photobooth fun with Photobooth Planetsaltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_028

Cupcakes by Nora!saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_029

The amazing Daly of Daly Planning is always on the job for her clients.saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_030 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_031 saltwaterfarmvineyard_wedding_Summer_annasawinphotography_stonington_032


Happy love, you two! And a big WOOF to Callie and Tucker!

xo, Anna

The Skinny

Ceremony and Reception: Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington, CT

Photography: Anna Sawin and Tiffany Maxey for Anna Sawin Photography, Stonington, CT

Wedding planner: Daly Sandford, Daly Planning, Westerly, RI

Floral Design: Verdant Floral Studio, Stonington, CT

Band: Metropolitan Players

Lighting: Ryan Design

Caterer: Gourmet Galley, North Stonington, CT

Cupcakes: Nora Cupcake Co., Middletown/West Hartford, CT

Makeup: The Red Door Salon and Spa, Groton, CT

Hair: La Contessa

Wedding gown: Romona Keveza, Kleinfeld Bridal

Photobooth: Photobooth Planet, Mystic, CT

Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.