Sara + Marshall: An October Seaside Wedding in Connecticut

Defying the odds of October, Sara and Marshall had a divine outdoor wedding reception along the Connecticut seashore as the full moon rose into the autumn sky. Fresh breezes, delicious and creative foods, fantastic music, personal toasts and the warm embrace of friends and family were the perfect accompaniment to their ceremony at Yale’s Battell Chapel.

Sara and Marshall are both native to the New Haven area, but their academic studies and professions have taken them to far-flung locations and then to Brooklyn where they currently make their home. They chose to echo the look of their wedding chapel in the gold and burgundy colors of the event, and the design of their invitation, while the food was a fusion of Peruvian and French foods.

Family was central to their day as well:  Sara wore the headdress her grandmother wore in her wedding, which was hand restored by the groom’s sister in law.  She wore a bracelet from her grandmother, and her engagement ring was originally the engagement ring of the groom’s namesake’s bride. And in the tradition of the bride’s maternal grandmother, the couple was married on a rug from Tabriz, Iran, that belonged to the bride’s great grandmother.

yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_001 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_002

Getting ready at The Study in downtown New Haven.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_003Sara’s headdress was originally worn by her grandmother at her wedding.
yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_004 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_005 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_006 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_007

Sara and her father share a laugh as she gets ready to leave for the chapel.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_008 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_009 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_010

Portraits of the bride before the ceremony.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_011

Marshall getting ready at his family home before the ceremony.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_012 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_013 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_014

The couple was married on this rug from Tabriz, Iran, that belonged to the bride’s great grandmother.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_015 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_016 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_017 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_018 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_019 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_020

The couple shares a moment at special spot at Sara’s childhood home; the same spot that they were engaged.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_021 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_022 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_023 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_024 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_025 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_026 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_027 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_028 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_029 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_030 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_031 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_032 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_033

The family tradition of toasts was warm, personal and in great fun.yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_034 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_035

After dinner, the music began, with an evening full of dance and fun!
yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_036 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_037 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_038 yale_branford_october_wedding_waterfront_beachwedding_annasawin_039

Happy love, Sara and Marshall!

xo, Anna

The Skinny

Ceremony: Battell Chapel, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Reception: Private residence, Branford, CT

Photography: Anna Sawin and Sarah McCoy for Anna Sawin Photography

Coordination: Patrick Dunn

Getting ready location: The Study, New Haven, CT

Catering: Culinary Concerts, Inc., Madison, CT

Floral design: Wild Orchid, Middletown, CT

Music: Ernest Mills Band, Hank Lane Productions

Makeup: Cindy Grant

Hair: Alisha Vick

Landscaping: Jos Konst

Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.