Meet Anna

Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by!

If I had to guess, we probably have a lot in common when it comes to the importance of photographs. I  believe that photos of life’s incredible and ordinary moments are the most important objects we can possess and I think photography can tell a story in a way that words can never quite accomplish.

I live in the seaside village of Stonington, Connecticut, with my husband, two boys and my Portuguese Water Dog, Nellie. Running, cooking, reading, paddle boarding, playing games (want to play Scrabble?) and spending time with my family are among my favorite things. Along with chocolate. And coffee. Did I mention chocolate?


For a peek at me, my family and my beautiful village of Stonington (including a few cameos of me on the job!), enjoy this this little video by the exceptionally talented Buzz Media Company of Mystic, CT:

A few more things about me:

I know that in 100 years someone might still cherish a photograph I took, and I take that responsibility to heart.

I have been a writer, a scientist, an admissions officer, an editor and an ice cream scooper, all of which have contributed to my perspective as a photographer.

I run because I really, really, really love dessert.

I have been an extra in a Steven Spielberg movie and featured in Real Simple magazine twice. Once was for playing Scrabble (I know!). The other time they gave me a makeover and sent me home with a new outfit, including a beautiful Tory Burch tunic. (Score!)

I learned how to open a bottle of wine from Martha Stewart herself. (You clamp it between your thighs and pull the cork straight out. She’s better at it than I am.)

I hope that I will never step on another Lego (unlikely, but a girl can dream).

I have a very, very long list of restaurants I am dying to try, but keep adding more.

I read every night before I fall asleep, even if I really should have been in bed hours ago. I’m probably reading a book when I get home from your wedding, while I download your photos.

I recently learned how to make strawberry jam, and it's so much easier than I thought.

I'm a Mac, but if you're a PC, I'm pretty sure we can still be friends.

I usually have a copy of The New Yorker in my bag, but some weeks I can only make it through the cartoons.

I have discovered the perfect cupcake, and I’m willing to share my secret. 
I rarely visit a new town without trying their local bakery. (see above re: cupcake and re: the whole running and dessert thing)

I have run four half-marathon, but have no plans to run a full one. The longest part? From the 13-mile mark to the finish at 13.1 miles.

My past as a communications professional has merged with my experience as a wedding photographer, and I write communications templates and guides for photographers at