We're sure you have loads of questions about how it all works! These Q+A's should answer most of them, but if you have an additional question, please call or email us.

Family Portrait Sessions

Where does the session take place?

Most sessions take place at your home or another location that is meaningful to you. Clients often say, “but my home doesn't look like the ones in your photos!” Please know that just outside the frame in many of my images were toys that didn't get put away, a yard waiting to be landscaped or a pile (or four) of laundry that understandably didn't quite find its way into a drawer the first weeks (or years?) after baby arrived! We make real life beautiful, truly!

Will you come to my town for mini-sessions?

I know my friends would love it! Mini-sessions are held in a variety of locations each year, from Bar Harbor to Brooklyn. Most of our favorite locations come from past client requests. We're happy to book a date for mini-sessions in your neighborhood or desired locale with a minimum of four mini-session appointments (and a special gift for the organizer!). Please allow a minimum of six to eight weeks to schedule out-of-town mini-sessions.

What is the total investment?

Our clients generally reserve anywhere between $1000 and $4000 for purchases after the session--albums, wall art and other long-lasting items. I realize that custom portraiture is a a significant investment, and I am honored when clients choose me to create heirloom artwork for their family. After all, family portraits are one of the few purchases we make in our lifetime that will be cherished by more than one generation!

Do you do extended families?

Gathering several branches of the family for a reunion or vacation? An extended family photo featuring multiple generations is one of my favorite projects, and we can help you plan and choose the best gift for the grandparents and so on. If you purchase the entire collection of digital files, we make sure each branch of the family gets their own set of images to archive, as well.

How will I view and share my images after our session?

After your session, we'll post a preview on our blog and on Facebook (with your permission) to tide you over! Then, once your images are ready, we'll present the entire collection to you in a private online proofing gallery for seven days for you to view and consider.

Do you do newborn sessions?

Newborn portraits might be the most delightful way I can think of to spend a few hours. Before the shoot we find things that have meaning to you and your family—a special blanket, a journal, an heirloom toy or hand knit sweater. We'll incorporate those things into some portraits of baby alone and with you, and then will allow baby to fall asleep—newborns do their best work asleep! Newborn sessions can take anywhere from one to three hours (yes, really!) for singletons, allowing for feeds, comfort and changes as necessary. Twins and higher-order multiples will take longer, so we'll discuss timing when you book.

Newborn sessions, because of their custom, on-location nature, are $450 and include both a $250 credit and a complimentary image upload to be used in an announcement via our our stationery partners. Other prints and products, including digital files, are available for purchase separately.

A note about timing for newborn sessions

Newborn portraits are best accomplished within the first five to ten days of life for full-term babies, so we generally schedule you with a few tentative dates before your delivery.

Is your new baby a preemie in the NICU? As the mother of a NICU veteran, I'd be honored to photograph your infant in the hospital and then again at home as part of a single newborn shoot.

I love all the images. How will I ever decide?

Many clients ask this question, and most decide simply not to decide! Our most popular product after a full or newborn session is the heirloom album, which comes bundled with a complimentary set of every digital image from your session. It's a great way to have them all, yet enjoy an exquisite finished product, too. Then, while you then may decide on a few more favorites for wall displays or gift prints for the grandparents, the hard work of choosing will already be done, and you'll know that all your precious images are owned and archived by you for generations to come.

I know I want something for my wall, but I don't know what size!

We can help! We're happy to provide a personal in-home ordering consult for just this reason. We know you don't do this every day, and you might be thinking an 8x10 sounds pretty big (it really isn't!). We'll come armed with an iPad and our favorite design software. Together we'll design the perfect wall display using your actual photos laid out into a digital photograph of your space, showing you precisely what three 16x24 canvases of your darlings will look like hanging over your very own couch--no more guessing on size! Not local? Send us a photo of the space (we'll tell you how) and we'll import it into our design software, and go from there!

Do you archive images?

Your gallery will be live for just seven days. During that time, we'll schedule your ordering consultation, either in person or over the phone. We highly recommend doing a consult: while we completely understand that life is busy, timely orders are essential for keeping the studio running smoothly and allowing us to devote time to each client in turn. Images that you have ordered, in print or digital format, remain in our archives for one year past your session. The remainder of your images will be deleted from our archives.

I like to make my own books (or prints); can I just purchase the digital files?

Definitely! If you know you'll be seeking the digital images at the end of your session, we recommend pre-buying at booking time for significant savings. We'll share our private code for the book and gift product company we like the most, Pinhole Press, so that you can benefit from our member pricing when creating and ordering your own books and gifts. In addition, when you buy digital images through us, we provide you with access to a specially negotiated one-year storefront to purchase your own professional prints at consumer prices--you can share this with all your friends and family members as well, to save them money on print purchases.

Do you carry holiday cards and birth announcements?

Absolutely. We can create you a fully custom holiday card or birth announcement via our private online stationery boutique, Pond's End Press. Or, you can opt to use the complimentary upload that comes with your session for a card via our stationery partners, Minted.com and TinyPrints.com. Ask us for our client discount code when ordering your Minted or TinyPrints card.