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Photography tips

The Hank & Willie Annual Holiday Photo Fix

Photo and original card design courtesy of Card available at Cute dog not available, sadly. Sigh. I take THOUSANDS of photos a year. Beautiful babies and blushing brides.  Captivating kids and their patient parents and pretty pets. Did I say THOUSANDS? You’d think I could get ONE  keeper of my own offspring, but…

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Fall Foliage for Everyone

Molly & Michael. Getting married in 8 days. You see fall in all it’s multi-hued grandeur. You take your camera and shoot away. And you get home and wonder why you didn’t quite capture the rich, eye-popping color you saw with your own eyes. While I am nobody’s idea of a landscape photographer, there are…

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Jump Around

One of my favorite things to do with subjects of all ages is make ’em jump. Kids in particular can’t seem to get enough of it, and I’ve had a lot of fun this summer stopping the action. Technique-wise, it’s easy to do, at least from the camera’s point of view. 1. Shoot in manual…

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When the subject isn’t the subject

Oh, and a double posting today, because today is the last day to post a photo tip and and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card at Beyond Megapixels. Did you do it yet? In photographs, you can often tell a story in a different or unexpected way. For example, did you need Will’s…

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BLT (The L stands for LOVE)

I keep saying summer isn’t over yet, and this sandwich is proof. I dined on this delicious BLT Saturday night for dinner during a little weekend getaway, and, well, YUM. That’s a yellow Brandywine tomato, picked that morning from my yard. And bacon. Yum. Thank you to my lovely hosts and my wonderful traveling companion!…

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