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Food Friday: Whole Grain Baking with King Arthur and a giveaway

Cooking with whole grains or their only slightly processed cousins (rolled oats, wheat flour) is habit around our house. I have a near aversion to the anemic look and nutritional void of white-flour creations, or perhaps it just a way to justify eating more of my favorite flour-based foods: pancakes, muffins, breads, waffles, cookies, cakes,…

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Food Friday: Slow-Cooker Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Apricots

I know. Stand back. I’M ACTUALLY POSTING ON A FRIDAY. ABOUT FOOD. I’ve really missed it, and been longingly drooling over other food blogs, but Fridays have just seemed to be the day where I have the most fleeting possible relationship with the computer, and while I know I could write Food Fridays ahead of…

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What NOT to read

Well, last week I was all full of public service, giving you tips on what to read while eating bonbons in the hammock this summer, all while smiling contentedly at the distant peals of laughter while your children play merrily in the summer sunshine encourage ants to crawl on them “because it tickles me.” Guess…

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Read anything good lately?

Lists of great summer reads are popping up everywhere, but of course I forget to write down where they were and what was on them. So tell me, what’s on your summer reading list? What have you read recently that you couldn’t put down? As my friend Melissa said this weekend, if it doesn’t grab…

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It’s a win for Hillary, plus Wednesday Book Nook

Well folks, it looks like Hillary really is in it to win it. I’m not entirely decided on who I am voting for in my state’s primary, but I sure was glad to see the women of New Hampshire deliver a win for Hillary. As I whispered in Henry’s ear during our morning cuddle, he…

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