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Photoshop tutorials

The Hank & Willie Annual Holiday Photo Fix

Photo and original card design courtesy of Card available at Cute dog not available, sadly. Sigh. I take THOUSANDS of photos a year. Beautiful babies and blushing brides.  Captivating kids and their patient parents and pretty pets. Did I say THOUSANDS? You’d think I could get ONE  keeper of my own offspring, but…

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Photo fix: holiday card edition

So I sure had a lot of fun with these images from H & W readers, and I hope what I did makes their photos just a little bit better. I’ve been mostly editing photos in Lightroom this fall, so it was fun to get back into Photoshop and work on an image individually! Reader…

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The ones we’re NOT using in the Christmas card

Photo day for Hank & Willie, and a friend. Weather was below freezing and children were miserable. Note chocolate-bar-as-bribe in my hand, bottom left. Note also that it is not having desired effect. So folks, it’s December. I have no idea how that happened, but here’s another bulletin—Christmas is THREE WEEKS from tomorrow. Never mind…

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Through the viewfinder (a Photoshop tutorial of sorts)

I’m rarely on the bandwagon with photo processing trends, mostly because, well, have you seen the pile of laundry in my living room? And, oh, and these guys keep me a little busy, too. So while the rest of the photo enthusiasts I love to read were playing with things like selective color, way back…

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