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Hank & Willie Year in Review 2008. Finally.

GOOD GOD, IT’S FINALLY POSTED! Huge thanks to my crack team of troubleshooters. Dear Record Industry, I do not want to rip off your hard-working creative artists. Not even a little. However, let me give you a little tip. If you allowed us to use your songs or, heck, even charged us a fair-use fee…

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Blame that fussy baby new year

Since life has conspired to keep me from finishing my now annual photo roundup of the year just past, I give you last year’s as a place holder. You know, in case you had nothing else to do for a few minutes. Click HERE. I hope to finish it by tomorrow. Got any good song…

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As promised

A while back I asked if you thought it would be wrong to encourage ill-mannered behavior that I am ultimately going to abolish if I can encourage it just long enough to get it on video? I did, and I did. I think I gave it a little too much buildup, but it felt like…

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“We put the B in blogging”

Katherine at MommaMov sent me this today: Kodak hires its first chief blogger Eastman Kodak Co. has appointed Jennifer Cisney its first chief blogger. She oversees the company’s two blogs and is charged with serving as its eyes and ears online. Eastman Kodak Co., which has an e-commerce web site that sells printers, cameras and…

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