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Brandie + Brian: A summer wedding at Eolia Mansion, Harkness Park

The forecast for Brian and Brandie’s wedding day? 100% chance of rain. What we got? A gorgeous blue sky summer day at Harkness Park, with sweeping views of the Long Island Sound waterfront with ferries passing by. We also got a beautiful bride arriving by horse and carriage, attended by the dreamiest of bridesmaids as…

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Daisy + Mike: Married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Our beautiful couple near the marsh at Saltwater Farm Vineyard. View their slide show here! You probably know the age-old English children’s song… “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do, I’m half crazy all for the love of you. It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage. But you’ll look sweet, Upon…

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Ten years

Forgive the terrible scan, we loved our wedding photos by Nicki Pardo and Tom Kates. It’s a bright and sunny day in September today, and it isn’t too hard to envision what I was doing exactly ten years ago, nearly to the minute. I just adore this one. He was talking to me a little…

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Antonia & Bill: preview

I know, I know–if YOU think I’ve been lax at posting here, try being one of the very patient couples waiting for me to go ahead and post some photos of their wedding, already. Antonia and Bill eloped to Nantucket last weekend, and I was honored to be their witness and the eyes for their…

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Molly Got Married

Molly got married this weekend, and it was wonderful! Molly & Mom Flowers from the church, enroute to the reception. It was a perfect, sunny October day on the coast of New England, and all these beautiful people came. Mike & Renee Alena & Mike Doug & Chelle Wade & Elizabeth Dan & Sara Me…

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Gametime in tripletville!

  It’s a big day in triplet town—after a healthy 35-week pregnancy, Amily and Tyler’s triplets are being delivered this morning! While we wait for the news, and send them our best baby vibes for three healthy newborns (apologies if you don’t know them and you’re just here looking for a brownie recipe), here are…

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