I had fun making a time-lapse video of their wedding reception during the afternoon and evening: my favorite part is seeing the stars come out over the tent at the very end!  Click HERE to view their time-lapse video at Jonathan Edwards.

Jonathan Edwards Winery was the perfect spot to be married for this outdoorsy, relaxed couple!

Kevin and Alyssa, both busy, accomplished Boston professionals, met on an Ultimate Frisbee team and, well, I’ll let Alyssa take it from here!

“Kevin was drafted to my frisbee team because we were in need more good male players. During the first practice Kevin attended, we scrimmaged and he was on my team. He was wide open (but wasn’t looking my way), and I yelled to him/at him to turn around (even though I only knew him for 20 minutes) – because I had already thrown it his way. Our team went out to a bar after practice, and Kevin pursued me for a few weeks getting me to meet up with him for what he calls dates/ and I didn’t call dates. A few weeks later Kevin wanted to go see Shakespeare on the Common and he needed to make it very very clear that he wanted it to be a date in order for me to agree to it and treat it like a date. We dated for 2 years, had a year sabbatical, ran into each other, got back together, dated 2 more years and got engaged…”

Thank goodness for Frisbee, right?  Alyssa is also a graduate of Brown University, which makes her one of NINE wedding clients with ties to Brown this year–next year I’m hoping my alma mater Wheaton College can give the Brown grads a good showing!

It was a dreamy blue sky day in North Stonington for their wedding!  The day was accented with their gorgeous colors of plum, yellow, orange, with hints of magenta, all against the backdrop of blue skies and green vines at the vineyard.


002JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 003JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

Alyssa, a former star gymnast, was stunning in her lace gown.

004JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 005JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 006JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 007JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

We met for a first look in the vines. These shots from this angle and many others during the day by my fabulous associate, Nicki Pardo.008JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 009JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 010JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 011JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 012JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 013JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

I love the stone walls of Jonathan Edwards Winery, reflecting the heritage of North Stonington’s farming traditions.014JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

Stunning florals by Hana Floral Design015JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

016JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 017JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

We met for the Ketubah signing in the barrel room of Jonathan Edwards Winery.018JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

I love this one of them pressed close together during the signing ceremony, amidst the wine casks.019JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

Hana Floral Design does it again!020JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

Perfect escort cards for a winery wedding!021JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding


Love their junior members of the wedding party!023JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 024JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 025JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 026JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 027JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 028JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 029JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 030JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 031JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 032JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 033JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

Taking a few moments outside after the hora for some beautiful golder hour portraits. This is one of my favorite moments with my couples–everyone is relaxed and enjoying the party, and it is the most beautiful time of day for portraits.034JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 035JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

As you can see!036JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 037JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 038JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding 039JonathanEdwardsWinery_Wedding_AnnaSawinPhoto_StoningtonCT_TentWedding

The Skinny

Photography: Anna Sawin and Nicki Pardo for Anna Sawin Photography

Time-Lapse Video: Anna Sawin for Anna Sawin Photography

Venue: Jonathan Edwards Winery

Caterer: Russell Morin Fine Catering with Meghan Crump, Event Specialist

Floral: Hana Floral Design

Band: Search Party

Tent: Sperry Tents


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