Charlene + Shawn, married at L+M Hospital

This is unlike any other wedding blog post I’ve written in my ten years as a wedding photographer.

It was my great honor to photograph the wedding of Charlene Moosey and Shawn Williams this past Thursday at Lawrence + Memorial (L+M) Hospital in New London. Witnessed by their two boys, Patrick and Jordan, and their loving family, friends, and the hospital team that had cared for Charlene during her brief and terrible cancer illness, she and Shawn pledged their love in a moving ceremony.

The hospital staff made it all happen, from the decorations hung with love, a homemade cake, gorgeous orchids and a bridal bouquet fit for a queen, a wedding gown and even the pearl necklace worn by Charlene’s nurse for her own wedding. Another nurse came in on a day off to sing Ave Maria, another staff member called me to photograph the day for the family and what felt like dozens of caring hospital staffers crowded the room during their vows, and cheered at the “I dos.” It was beautiful and inspiring to see their actions of great care and love.

The couple had cake and posed for family portraits, as any couple would. Then, the family retreated from their visitors to spend time privately with Charlene, who passed away the next evening. She leaves her husband, two boys and a grieving circle of family and friends.

Moosey family, my greatest sympathies are with you at this astounding loss, and I hope you will treasure these images of your beautiful wife, daughter, mother and friend.

Charlene + Shawn wedding slideshow

Article in The Day about Charlene and Shawn and their ceremony

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