This warm and wonderful couple came my way more than a year before their wedding when Eric’s aunt invited me to be a part of Operation: Propose to Molly! It was so much fun, and her reaction was fantastic–we later took a photo with my “faux family”–a collection of friends that posed as a “having a family portrait” while also serving as a lookout.

I was so delighted when they chose me to photograph their Stonington Vineyard wedding this September–these two college sweethearts created a day of beauty and love to celebrate their formal union.


Molly and her sister laughing, and enjoying a glass of Champagne with her ladies as they got ready in a gorgeous suite at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI, with hair and makeup by New Leaf Studio from Bristol, RI.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_002 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_003 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_004

Molly’s mom and dad were filled with emotion when they first saw her–throughout the day too, something I just love seeing!StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_005

Molly is such a natural beauty, and her bridal look just emphasized that–her beautiful gown from Everthine was just so perfectly Molly. Her dahlia, rose and hydrangea bouquet by Gira! was a beautiful celebration of September, and a brilliant pairing with the coral bridesmaid dresses from J. Crew.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_006 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_007

We did a first look at Eric and Molly’s beloved Stonington Boro, right at the site that they were engaged!StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_008 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_009 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_010 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_011 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_012 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_014 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_015StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_013

After photos in our beautiful seaside village of Stonington and at their family home, we headed inland to the rolling green acres of Stonington Vineyard.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_016

Stonington Vineyard has long been a favorite site for events and wine-loving visitors, but now with their stunning new terraces, landscaping and tasting room, it is a truly ideal location for a classic, New England, tented lawn wedding.




Let the ceremony (and a few tears!) begin!StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_019 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_020

Justice of the Peace Marie Tyler Wiley officiated a heartfelt, personal ceremony, keeping Eric and Molly at the center of it , while inviting their guests to participate in her usual warm fashion.


I think the photo on the left says it all about how calming Marie is with her couples! And..Molly and her beaming dad!StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_022StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_024  StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_025StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_023Overcome with happiness and emotion, Molly and Eric took a moment to let it all sink in after the ceremony. StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_026I love their colors against the lush green vines of Stonington Vineyard.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_027I think I could have just posted this single photo. It says it all about how happy they are to be MARRIED at last! And as they walked back up the vines, a soft rain began to fall–perfect timing!StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_028Molly and Eric’s first dance as their wedding party looks on.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_029Toasts brought laughs and tears to both of them.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_030 The smart, crisp design, from the pretty cake to the fresh navy and white tablescape is all from the talented creatives at A Thyme to Cook in North Stonington, CT.
StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_031 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_032After parent dances and a delicious dinner, the dancing began in earnest with the amazing Atlantic Avenue Band out of Misquamicut, RI.StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_033 StoningtonVineyard_AnnaSawinPhotography_WeddingSept2014_034


Along with the cake, wedding goers were treated to a late-night snack of milk and Dunkin Donuts munchkins, since Molly is a marketing executive for Dunkin Donuts!

And when the rain falls, we get to take portraits in the rain.

Happy love, Molly and Eric! It was a pleasure and a delight to work with you, from the very first minute of your engagement!

And a huge thanks to my photography partner for the evening, Jen Osojnicki who shared her talents and sense of humor with us all for the day.

The Details

Photography: Anna Sawin and Jen Osojnicki for Anna Sawin Photography

Wedding Coordinator/Tent Lighting Designer/Caterer/Cake Designer: Brian Mullen, A Thyme To Cook

Justice of the Peace: Marie Tyler Wiley

Floral Designer: Gira Events and Florals — Susan Adams

Band: Atlantic Avenue Band (Misquamicut, RI)

Makeup/Hair Artist – New Leaf Studio — Bristol, RI

Dress Shop – Everthine Bridal — Madison, CT
Bridesmaids dresses — J. Crew

Accessory Shop – Kate Spade


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