Julia + Kevin: Married at Glen Arbor Golf Club

That instant summer weather that arrived on Memorial Day Weekend? That was the sunny backdrop for Julia and Kevin’s gorgeous day, which was years in the making. The two met in high school in the summer of 2008, and after years of long distance, they were together in Boston. Today they enjoy life there with their cat Callie (after the New York Rangers former captain). Their wedding was extra special for me, since I got to see one of my favorite families again—more than a few years ago I was a babysitter for Julia and her siblings, and I got to photograph her sister’s wedding, and now hers.


I think Julia’s gown is the best looking gown I’ve ever seen photographed on a hanger. So pretty and feminine.BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_002

Sisters getting ready, with darling Ella, Julia’s niece and the flower girl for Kevin and Julia’s wedding ceremony.BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_003

Keeping cool with a frosty glass before getting ready!


Meanwhile, Kevin unwrapped a watch from his Julia, a gift for their wedding day.

Julia, looking divine.BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_007 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_006

BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_010 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_012After the ceremony, we boarded golf carts and toured the rolling hills of Glen Arbor Golf Club, a beautiful green oasis in Bedford Hills, NY.
BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_014 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_015
BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_011BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_021 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_022 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_023 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_024 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_025 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_026

I love nothing more than when the couple, their families and their guests enjoy the party all night long, and they did!BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_028BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_027 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_029 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_030 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_031 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_032 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_033 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_034 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_036 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_035 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_037 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_038

BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_040 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_039

Happy almost wedding day, J + M–you’re next!BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_041 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_042 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_043 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_044 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_045

Julia’s grandpa shared advice for a long and happy marriage, and ended with a song for his bride of more than sixty years.BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_046 BedfordNY_GlenArborCountryClub_Wedding_AnnaSawin_047

Happy love, Julia and Kevin!

It was my great pleasure to be there to document your day. Wishing you a lifetime of love and adventure!

The Skinny

Photography: Anna Sawin and Sarah McCoy for Anna Sawin Photography, Stonington, CT

Florist: Greenwich Orchids

Videographer: Buzz Media Company, Mystic, CT

Band: Hank Lane

Catering and dessert: Glen Arbor Golf Club

Dress: Paloma Blanca

Tent: Northeast Tent


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Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.