Molly + Cameron: A wedding in Watch Hill, RI

It’s hard to beat a perfect June day in Watch Hill, RI, for a wedding, as Molly and Cameron discovered on their gorgeous wedding day at the Watch Hill Chapel and Misquamicut Golf Club!  The women got ready at the Watch Hill Inn, overlooking the harbor, while the gentlemen got ready in a private home in Watch Hill. I think Molly may win for most stunning gown of the year! I loved it. I also LOVED the playlist the ladies had going, and the good news is that it’s on Spotify, so I get to enjoy it again.

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_001 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_005 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_002

I loved her beautiful and simple “Mrs. Jones” hanger.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_004

Mom took a turn video-ing the getting ready activities.


Dancing to the playlist. It was REALLY good. And gorgeous floral design by Blue Butterfly Florist, in Westerly, RI.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_013

The flower girl’s basket. So darling.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_014

The bouquet!!!WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_003 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_006

See what I mean about that gorgeous gown? Looks like it was made just for beautiful Molly.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_007

Molly chose to include a ribbon from her mother’s wedding gown to her bouquet.

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_008 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_009

Molly and her ladies toasting as they overlook the bay in Watch Hill, from the beautiful views of the Watch Hill Inn. Meanwhile, Cameron and his gentlemen got ready at a private residence in Watch Hill.

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_010 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_011

Off to the chapel! Molly and Dad were chauffeured by Molly’s young cousin with her brand new driver’s license in a vintage convertible.

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_015 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_016

The ceremony was held at the Watch Hill Chapel, where the officiant recalled seeing Molly there as a six-year-old in her aunt’s wedding.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_017 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_018 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_019

After the ceremony, the couple led everyone to the Misqumicut Club for cocktails, dinner and dancing as the coastal fog rolled in.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_020 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_021 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_022 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_023

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_024 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_025 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_026 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_027 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_028 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_029 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_030

WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_031 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_032 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_033 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_034 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_035 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_036WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_041

After cocktails outside, the guests moved into the clubhouse for Molly and Cameron’s first dance as a married couple.WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_037WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_038WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_039WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_040

After dinner, guest enjoyed a candy bar, ice cream from the venerable Watch Hill tradition of St. Clair’s, cupcakes from Westerly’s Vesta Bakery and dancing into the wee hours of the night!
WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_042 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_043 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_044 WatchHill_MiquamicutGolfClub_Wedding_June_AnnaSawin_045

Thank you to my associate, Nicki, for her help and many of the lovely images you see here, and Jen Brinton and the staff at the Misquamicut Club for exceptional skill and talent at making everything run so smoothly!

Happy love, Molly and Cameron!



The Skinny

Ceremony: Watch Hill Chapel, Watch Hill, RI

Reception: Misquamicut Club, Watch Hill, RI

Getting ready location: Watch Hill Inn, Watch Hill, RI

Photography: Anna Sawin and Nicki Pardo for Anna Sawin Photography, Stonington, CT

Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Brinton

Floral Design: Blue Butterfly, Westerly, RI

Band: Big City Wedding Band, Boston, MA

Dessert: Ice cream from St. Clair Annex, Watch Hill and cupcakes from Vesta Bakery, Westerly, RI

Hair/Make-up:  On-site from Studio B, Cranston, RI

Gown: Amsale, Nordstrom Wedding Suite

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Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.