Sarah + Adam: Winter Wedding at Newport’s Ocean Cliff Resort

If any photographer asked me for tips on getting great photos of wedding couples in  December in New England, I’d suggest they look into booking with two pro triathletes, to start. They’ll run, jump, dip, spin and do it hardly clothed in sub 30 degree weather, with a smile!

Sarah and Adam fit their wedding into a complicated schedule of work, graduate studies and oh yeah, training full-time as triathletes. You know, racing nationally and internationally, no big deal.oceancliff__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_001

Their December wedding was at the gorgeous seaside Ocean Cliff Resort in Newport, which was beautifully dressed for the holiday season, and a stunning backdrop for a winter wedding reception.
oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_002 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_003 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_004

Getting ready upstairs with her bridal party, with help from Bella Bridal.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_005 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_006 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_007

This sponsored athlete with her Hammer Bars—fuel for a busy athlete and bride!oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_008

oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_009 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_010 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_011 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_012 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_013 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_014

Handsome Adam getting ready to head to the chapel with his gentlemen.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_015 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_016 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_017 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_018 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_019

Candles at Kay Chapel.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_020

Sarah and dad making their entrance.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_021 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_022 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_023 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_024 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_025

We saw a few tears during the ceremony, and lots of smiles.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_026

Married!oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_027 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_028 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_029 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_030 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_031 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_032

Back at Ocean Cliff, we headed into the deep freeze for photos. I’m wearing a full-length down coat, hat and gloves, btw. They are TOUGH.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_033 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_034 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_035 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_036

The geese didn’t just naturally fly through the frame, they were gently encouraged by the brilliant Nicki, my second photographer. oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_037 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_038 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_039 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_040 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_041 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_042

Show ’em your Tieks! Love Sarah’s soft pink flats, and love the turquoise bottoms!
oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_043 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_044

After watching the sun dip below the trees, we headed inside for their reception!oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_045

The wedding party. They were WAY livelier than pictured here, this is the sedate photo!

oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_046 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_047

Guest book of selfies! Full confession: we added one to the book, too.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_048

Creative table numbering from Sarah and Adam.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_049

And their signature drinks!oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_050

An exceptional entrance from our bride and groom, as well as an unexpectedly creative dance.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_051 oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_052

Toasts and tears—and the tease of a Hamilton parody!oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_053

Parent dances for our couple.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_054

General dance-floor antics.oceancliffresort__newport_winterwedding_annasawinphoto_055And one of my favorite images of the day. This one, plus several of the ones above, taken by my amazing associate, Nicki. Thank you!

Happy love, Sarah and Adam! It was an unbelievable delight to be a part of your wedding, and I wish you both great happiness and success in all things in the years to come! #swimbikerunwed

xo, Anna

The Skinny: 
Ceremony: Kay Chapel, Newport, RI

Reception: Ocean Cliff Resort, Newport, RI

Ceremony Coordinator: Kara Beth O’Grady

Photography: Anna Sawin and Nicki Pardo for Anna Sawin Photography, Stonington, CT

Floral Design: Sayles Livingston Flowers, Adamsville, RI

Band: Ripchord, Boston, MA

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music: Allegro Chamber Players

Videographer: Sky Sabin Productions

Caterer: Ocean Cliff Resort, Newport, RI

Cake Designer: Confectionery Designs, Rehoboth, MA

Tablewear: Rentals Unlimited

Makeup/Hair Artist: Bella Beauty Bridal, Newport, RI

Bridal gown: Vera Wang

Bridesmaids’ gowns: Weddington Way

Groomsmens’ suits: Mens Wearhouse

Groom’s suit: Suit Supply

Anna Sawin

Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.


  1. Ailsa Tessier on December 18, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Such gorgeous photographs! The bride and groom have a wonderful treasure trove of memories, thanks to you, Anna. You nailed them!

  2. Jeanne Bassan on December 18, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Thistles & Roses! Congratulations to this beautiful couple. May the road rise up to meet you. Love, The Bassan’s

  3. Kietryn Zychal on December 18, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Adam was my son in 2000 in a production of A Christmas Story. So impressed with the fine man he has become and I wish Sarah and Adam a lifetime of beautiful memories.

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Anna Sawin is a Connecticut-based portrait, wedding, and editorial photographer. She lives in the shoreline town of Stonington with her family and has discovered the perfect cupcake. Just ask, she is willing to share her secret.